Activities to do in Benidorm
Adventure and sports activities in Spain

Adventure and sports activities in Benidorm

At Benidorm DMC, we combine adventure and sports to offer you fun activities for your company events. Hiking, team competitions on wheels, yoga workshops… we provide the resources, you set the limits.

What adventure and sports activities can you do in Benidorm?

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante Go-kart races

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante Hiking

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante Paintball

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante Bike descents

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante 4×4  routes

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante Yoga or pilates workshops

Activities for groups in Spain

Start your engines

At Benidorm DMC, we have different and interesting adventures for motor vehicle enthusiasts. Discover the Costa Blanca’s most out-of-the-way corners, going deep along mountain paths and forest tracks with our 4×4’s; or bring out your most intrepid side and compete in a go-kart race to be number one on the track. Adrenaline guaranteed!

Go deep along our paths

Whether hiking on foot or on two wheels, the magic of our environment and natural spaces are waiting to be discovered. Go deep with us into the Sierra Helada natural park and enjoy their marvellous cliffs and the history of our land. Nature awaits you.

Ready to compete?

Bring out your most adventurous and daring side to enjoy yourself and have fun as a team, as you have never done before, with our paintball games. Prepare to survive in an intrepid battle shoulder to shoulder with your group. We promise to take you to the limit of your competitive spirit. Do you have a good aim? You will need it…

Relax by doing sport

Disconnect your mind and learn to relax with our pilates and yoga workshops. If you want a short break in your event and find out how to take life more calmly, we have the activity you need. Get ready to face up to your work routine with a fully regenerated mind. Reinvigorate yourself to start!

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