Management and organization of events in Alicante

Services for company events in Benidorm

At Benidorm DMC, we have a wide and competitive range of services for events that guarantee they are a success. All are fully personalised and adapted to your needs so that they fulfil your brand’s objectives and exceed business expectations.

Ours services

Event design and management

  • Comprehensive event organisation
  • Event logistics
  • Supplier search, management and coordination
  • Accommodation advice
  • Personalised proposals for groups
  • Training programmes

Event communication

  • Social network management
  • Script and presentation
  • Graphic design of spaces and objects
  • Street marketing
  • Protocol
  • Public relations, publicity and branding
  • Digital marketing

Audiovisual services

  • Multi camera filming
  • Video and professional photography
  • Direct streaming
  • After movie
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Staging
  • Setting the scene
  • Short films and reports

Group experiences and activities

  • Team building and training exercises
  • Aquatic and nautical activities
  • Adventure and sports activities
  • Gastronomic and oenological experiences
  • Tours
  • Cultural activities

Benidorm DMC, innovative solutions and personalised service.

The best network of professionals

At Benidorm DMC, we have a wide and competitive range of suppliers that guarantee that your event will be perfect and meets all your business needs.

Discover our hotels and their infrastructure for events

Benidorm is known internationally for its peculiar and unique skyline. This vertical construction model has been recognised worldwide and is a clear example of sustainable architecture.

Furthermore, this construction model has made it possible for Benidorm to have one of the best hotel offers in Spain. 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels, excellent communications and fully equipped to host any type of event.

With a hotel capacity of more than 35,000 and rooms with a capacity for more than 1,000 people, the town has the best infrastructure and the most professional services for organising from conventions to product presentations, to conferences or social events.

Discover our singular and unique venues

Our unique venues or spaces will put the final touch to your event and surprise all those attending.

Organise your event in a traditional Alicante kitchen garden, fully adapted and renovated, feel the pleasant Mediterranean breeze and admire one of the best views of the town, enjoying a cocktail in the old town or let yourself be surprised in one of the region’s most renowned and spectacular party rooms.

If you want to enjoy the experience of organising your banquet or cocktail party in an Iberian village of small white houses, or, on the other hand, you want to enjoy a pleasant evening dining next to the circus maximus, at Benidorm DMC, we propose an endless amount of possibilities.

Complementary services for your event

At Benidorm DMC, we know that complementary services are a fundamental part of the organisation and production of any event.

From the choice of a quality catering service, to the search for the most professional and sophisticated transport services or the selection of the best audiovisual services. At Benidorm DMC, we count on the most experienced network of professionals.

Experiences and activities for events in Benidorm



Work as a team with our different exclusive team building activities in Benidorm.
Aquatic activities

Aquatic activities

Discover the endless number of aquatic and nautical activities offered to you by our beaches and our Mediterranean Sea.
Adventure and sports activities

Adventure and sports activities

Hiking, team activities on wheels, yoga workshops… adventure and sports combined for your entertainment.
Gastronomic experiences

Gastronomic experiences

Discover the tastes of the Mediterranean through our gastronomic and oenological activities.
Tours and culture

Tours and culture

Stroll through the most picturesque streets, visit charming mountain villages and surprise yourself with our history.

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