Water activities for groups in Spain
Water activities to do in Spain

Aquatic and nautical activities in Benidorm

The marvellous Mediterranean Sea that laps the town of Benidorm, as well as its spectacular climate, gives us the perfect conditions to enable us at Benidorm DMC to offer you an endless amount of aquatic and nautical activities.

What aquatic and nautical activities can you do in Benidorm?

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante Kayak, paddle surf

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante Trips 

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante Jet ski

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante Canyoning

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante Diving baptism

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante Sea Trek

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante Regattas

eventos, congresos, incentivos y negocios en alicante Coasteering

Maritime activities in Spain

Navigate the waters of the Mediterranean

Take a trip along the Mediterranean coast and relax by enjoying a cocktail on board and a pleasant dip. If, on the other hand, you have a competitive spirit and your thing is adventure, do not hesitate to undertake a corporate regatta where team work and fun are guaranteed.

Discover our coast from end to end

At Benidorm DMC, we combine fun aquatic sports and culture. Enjoy a day doing activities such as kayaking or paddle surfing and get to know our coast from another point of view. Discover mysterious caves, admire the majestic cliffs and find out about the history of our watch towers.

Discover the depths of the Mediterranean

Benidorm has one of the most popular sea floors for diving enthusiasts. At Benidorm DMC, we provide everything required for you to submerge yourself in the Mediterranean. Experience the weightlessness of a diving baptism or enjoy a trip along the sea floor. Are you going to miss it?

Experience our beaches by motor

If your thing is strong experiences, at Benidorm DMC, we propose to you the best aquatic activities for you to have the most possible fun. Fun is fully guaranteed if you traverse the Mediterranean coast on a jet ski, or if you dare to try flyboarding and reach the heights. Can we count on you?

Explore our rivers and coastal waters

Have you ever felt the adrenaline stirred by aquatic activities? At Benidorm DMC, we want you to traverse with us our coasts and rivers. You only need to really want to explore to undertake our canyoning and coasteering activities. Waterfalls, caves, descents, climbs… can you feel the emotion?

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Incentive activities in Benidorm

Adventures and sports

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Oenological and beer activities in Benidorm

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